Rock          T's is a specialized sport Bike Apparel that Target's both Men and woman of the sport bike community as well as all  Motorcycle riders and enthusiast.
Avi  Campbell  has founded this company with her passion for Sport Motorcycles and Riding in mind.
 While mixing with the riding community I have notice that a lot of riders are not wearing protective gear especially on hot days ,so I  Have decided to look for casual comfortable solution for all riders.
I came Across the CE protective hoodie with 100% Kevlar and decided to make it our main mission to insure all riders wear protective gear that is comfortable on hot and cool days .
with our Kool Logo we made it a fashionable and comfortable for riders to wear on and off the Motorcycle,weather to make a fashion statement or to keep safe.
I also notice that people like to make statements of there belief and passion by wearing T-shirts. searching the industry we have not come across many sport motorcycle designs and decided to create some new and original design for all man and woman who are passionate about sport motorcycles. 
ROCK R -T'S Mission is to offer the finest product in casual and protective gear,as well as T-shirt design .
ROCK R-T'S will offer costumers the best product and price.
Customers Expectations will always be exceeded.